Convert an image into a schematic.

You should resize your image in advance to some multiple of 128x128 (does not need to be a square). Limit 512kb (but really they should be smaller than that).
The resulting files will be there until I delete them, but you should download what you want soon.

Enter a file to upload:

Advanced options:
Generate a greyscale map schematic.
Dither to simulate a larger color space.
Make a 2d schematic. 2/3rds fewer colors, but WAY easier to build.

Disable blocks. Disabling may reduce colors.
Disable lapis
Disable emerald
Disable cobweb
Disable bed
Disable tnt
Disable brewing stand
Disable gold presure plate
Disable diorite
Disable water

Web frontend for the tool made by /u/redstonehelper